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Autopom Warranty Review

Autopom extended warranty gives the most value for your money. You only need to pay $1 per 100 miles compared to paying $4 per 100 miles based on the industry average. You get the coverage options of 21 warranty plans, including exclusionary plans that can matches any manufacturer service vehicle contract. 

Autopom gives you comprehensive coverage for any car including a used car warranty of up to 200,000 miles. Read on to find out why autopom! is getting the rave reviews and glowing customer feedback despite a heftier 10% downpayment compared to the 5% warranty average.


User stars

Autopom! User Reviews

If a user decides to write an Autopom! review, is it almost always positive. While there are a few negatives that we will inspect later, here are the positive aspects we found with this company:

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The Good

Comprehensive coverage is one of the most sought after protection plans by consumers. The company offers four coverage levels:

Autopom! Review – The Top Rated Extended Car Warranty ProvideExclusionary

A vehicle service contract that can match benefit-for-benefit a manufacturer’s warranty. An exclusionary extended warranty covers almost all of the electrical and mechanical components of your car. Better yet, it will specifically tell you what is NOT part of your coverage.

Autopom! Review – The Top Rated Extended Car Warranty ProvideHigh-Level

If you are looking for a more cost-effective option that still covers most of your bases, this might be the one for you. High-Level Plans will handle a vast number of components that are within these major systems: transfer case, transmission, engine, drive axle, steering, electrical, braking, cooling, air conditioning, fuel system, gaskets, and seals.

Autopom! Review – The Top Rated Extended Car Warranty ProvideMid-Level

The major systems contain named-components, and that is what mid-level plans cover. These include transmission, engine, drive axle, transfer case, differential assembly, fuel delivery, steering, suspension, braking system, and the cooling system.

Autopom! Review – The Top Rated Extended Car Warranty ProvidePowertrain Plus

This final plan will only cover specific parts that are within the major systems. Fortunately, there are other plans where you can find additional air conditioning, fuel system, and electrical coverage.

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Helpful Car Owner Resource Page

One thing that consumers have found to be helpful is that Autopom! offers a thorough website and resource page. 

Reader and mobile-friendly, you can download the printable checklists that help you deal with common car owner situations like buying a used car to test driving one.

The website page also includes guides that contain detailed information on how to select the proper vehicle protection plan as well as avoiding car repair scams. 

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Benefits of Coverage

Vehicle Protection Plans, or a VPP, from this reputable brand include a wide range of benefits such as:

If your car is being repaired, there is nothing worse than being stranded and relying on others to get you where you need to go. To help you regain your independence, this brand helps with rental vehicles for all their plans. However, note that the extent of this assistance varies depending on the coverage selection you make.

This is a huge benefit that many consumers love and rave about in their reviews. The repair shop option from Autopom! gives their clients the freedom to take their car to any repair shop, whether it is a hometown shop they feel comfortable at or a well-known dealership. This alone can give you peace of mind, which is invaluable.

Experienced agents are always readily available to speak with customers to discuss the best payment plan for their individual situation.

Whether your car breaks down anywhere in the United States or in Canada, this company allows you to take your car to any facility that is licensed in repair. It provides a lot of flexibility and freedom for drivers, especially for those who frequently take their vehicles on road trips.

With this service, you don’t need to stress about anything going awry in the middle of the night on a dark road. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that you are able to contact roadside assistance at any time of day or night.

If you aren’t convinced about this service already, their money back guarantee might convince you. If their clients are at all unsatisfied with their coverage within the first 30 days, they are eligible to receive a full refund.

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High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is a major aspect we considered for this Autopom! review. Fortunately, this business has a consultative sales approach that they focus on providing. This means that they strive to recognize the needs of their customers and put those first, instead of simply pushing products onto customers that they don’t need or are even interested in.

This business will assign each of their customers their own vehicle protection specialist. The specialist acts as a valuable resource throughout the duration of the client’s contract. Having somebody available like this to answer all of your questions is definitely a plus.

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Autopom! Warranty

If you value the peace of mind that an extended warranty can bring you, this company is a good bet. Simply knowing that unexpected and expensive repairs are covered is incredibly relieving. This company rises above many of their competitors in this department, with over 20 different plans, readable contracts, and impressive prices per mile.

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The Bad

With all the benefits that this company comes with, clients are often pleased to find that there are only a few drawbacks. Autopom! complaints are few and far between, but here are the primary ones to keep in mind:

While there are many options for customers to choose from as far as plans go, they do each have specific stipulations that the vehicle needs to meet in order to qualify. For example, some do not specify which state you need to live in, whereas others are available exclusively in specified states. You may even come across an option that is currently.

Each specific plan is dependent on a wide range of factors, which simply means that there is not standard pricing for clients to view. Some of the factors include the customer’s residence state, the mileage of the car, the year, the make and model, and the coverage level. However, you can easily get a quote by contacting a representative and going over all the relevant information, so it isn’t too much of.

While many car makes and models are covered, luxury brands are not. Those who drive a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Bentley are out of luck here.

The Verdict

Overall, this company has proven to be one of the most reliable extended warranty options available to people and are highly recommended. While they do have a lot of exclusions within their coverage options, these are all within the industry average and are overshadowed by the sheer flexibility of the different plans.

Regarding their specialty coverage, it is a tad inconvenient since it only extends to business-centric and other commercial vehicles, but it is still rather generous. Customers have to wait 30 days before submitting a claim, but the benefit of going to any repair facility afterwards makes the wait well worth it. Monthly car loan rates can get ridiculous. However, having an Autopom! representative on your side to assist with rentals and budgeting is a tremendous help.

The Long Haul

While they may seem like a typical warranty provider upon an initial internet search, Autopom! is a company that will go out of their way to ensure their clients have a positive experience through their business. They have set themselves apart from their competition through their unique policies that they set in place to make the lives of their customers easier, such as their allowance for any repair facility, and their position on deductibles (which are customer-selected and, in contrast with the monthly premium cost, are inversely proportional).

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These various positives about this business are reflected not only in their online reputation, but also their word of mouth reputation. Recommendations from family and friends are always valued highly, and they would definitely be recommending this service if they had it themselves. Representatives are always happy to answer any clarifying questions about their plans and pricing, so prospective clients can reach out to them at any time.

If you are seeking an auto insurance company that provides flexible coverage, the freedom to choose your own repair shop, and boasts a stellar reputation, sign up or get a quote from Autopom! today!