Honda Extended Warranty
Line up of Honda cars in parking lot

Getting car insurance is a necessity in today’s world especially that the prices of car parts and repair services are increasing at a steady pace. The most practical way to deal with this situation is thus, availing a warranty for your vehicle.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a reputable car brand, because even the best of the best isn’t safe from getting itself into trouble. Say for example, Honda, a renowned car manufacturer who had been in the industry for decades.

Getting a new Honda car comes with a factory car warranty that lasts for a year or so. But what happens when this warranty expires? That’s where a Honda extended warranty comes in. It safeguards you and your car against costly and expensive maintenance and repairs.

Want to learn more about this vital necessity for Honda owners? Then read on, we’ve got it all covered.


In Brief

It’s easy to ignore getting an extended warranty especially if you’ve got a Honda car. Not only is it known to last for decades, but it also has one of the best brand reputations in the car industry. Yes, they might be generally reliable, but this doesn’t mean that they’re safe from mechanical problems.

Some of the most common issues with Honda vehicles are excessive vibration and oil consumption, airbag problems, and premature tire wear. These issues add up through time and once your factory warranty expires, you will be forced to pay for all the repairs and maintenance needed.

Unless, of course, if you are covered with a Honda extended warranty.

And though Hondas are known to be reliable cars, these are still prone to expensive repairs. Chances are, is that you’ll just wait for your factory warranty to expire before getting an extension. While that might initially save you a few bucks, it will cost you more in the long run because the damages and parts that need to be repaired as soon as possible will be delayed. It is thus important to always be prepared.

Knowing the Cost

Extended warranties are generally affordable, and Honda’s is a part of those “affordable” car insurances. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend around $350 to $450 annually if you get a Honda extended warranty. However, it will still depend on a number of factors, such as your car’s model, make, chosen plan, and others.

Honda Extended Warranty | Everything You Want to Know


Honda’s extended warranty can be called as a bumper-to-bumper coverage because of its seemingly comprehensive coverage. However, there are some exclusions such as cleaning and polishing, normal deterioration and wear and tear on car parts, and fluids. Chipped, broken, or scratched window glass and cosmetic flaws are also excluded from their warranties as these things depend on client’s usage.

Additional Benefits of Getting a Honda Extended Warranty


Honda’s warranty plan offers coverage on towing expenses worth $75 per occurrence if ever a breakdown occurs. Reimbursement can also go as high up as $100 per occurrence if you return the car to the selling dealer. You, however, need to add $25 if your mileage exceeded 50 miles from the dealer.

0% Interest

Honda’s extended warranty features a 0% interest financing, making it easier for clients to avail their desired insurance policy.

Money-back guarantee

Honda will return your money if you aren’t convinced with their car insurance. It’s a sure-fire way of knowing that the company is confident that their warranties are on-par with the best in the industry.

Roadside Assistance

Honda features roadside assistance on their warranties worth $100 for every occurence. Fluid delivery, towing, battery start service, vehicle extrication, spare tire mounting, and lockout service are all offered. And it’s available 24/7 and can be contacted via their toll-free number 1-866-300.

Travel Interruption

Honda’s Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement allows up to $1,000 for your car’s travel expenses to your home after repair. There’s even a $200 per day meal, lodging, and substitute vehicle good for five days.

Honda Extended Warranty | Everything You Want to Know

Honda Insurance Policy Plans to Choose From


The Primary insurance policy is Honda’s entry-level extended warranty. This covers the basic components of your car such as the engine, transmission, drive axle, and seals and gaskets. If you’re short of budget, but you want to experience high-quality insurance experience, then this one’s for you.


The Secure policy is Honda’s next tier extended warranty plan which covers all inclusions in the Primary policy, but has additional coverage such as the suspension, stirring, brakes, electrical, and air conditioning.


The Premier policy is Honda’s mid-level extended warranty plan. This covers all inclusions in the Primary and Secure policies but also includes the car’s fuel system.


Then there’s the Elite insurance policy, Honda’s second-highest coverage policy. This covers all parts stated in Premier and also includes the cooling system and extra high-tech accessories such as LCD screens, GPS devices, and other electronics.


If you want to make the most out of Honda’s extended warranty, then the Ultra policy is what you’re searching for. All of the inclusions stated in the aforementioned plans are covered, as well as additional non-excluded items which are up for discussion with the team.


Why Choose Honda Extended Warranty?

Generally speaking, Honda’s Extended Warranty insurance plans are top-notch choices if you’re searching for a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient warranty to cover your Honda vehicle. It’s accredited by reputable standardization organizations, features competitive prices, and gives you the freedom to choose where and to who you’re going to have your car repaired.